Tennis: Friction

A professional tennis player can perform over 1000 direction changes throughout a match. In tennis, players can change direction in two ways: by stepping or sliding. Friction in these direction change movements is affected by the interaction between a player’s shoes and the court surface. A better understanding of this interaction can help improve shoe design.

Football Tracking

Technology is changing football analysis. Most professional football clubs now employ electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) to track player movements. EPTS devices track data such as player position, player velocity, player acceleration, ball position, and distance covered. Analysis of this information helps football clubs improve team performance.

Football Boots

Football boots are an essential part of any player’s kit. As such, football players select their boots carefully, searching for boots that can help maximize their performance. To appeal to these consumers, football boot brands often market their boots by highlighting improved performance.

Cleaning up the world’s oceans

5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are littered across our oceans. That’s 5 with 12 zeroes. Alarmingly, the accumulation of plastic in our seas is not slowing down any time soon. 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic flow to our oceans every year. To help tackle the issue of ocean plastic pollution, Boyan Slat, a Dutch engineer, founded The Ocean Cleanup in 2013.